You'll attract lots of romantic attention. Your warmth, generosity and spontaneity are hard to resist. If you're single, this will be a lovely opportunity to embark on a relationship with an extremely creative person. You both have an adventurous spirit that is conducive to travel. Collaborating on art projects is also possible. Do you already have a romantic partner? Don't be surprised when your amour gives you a wonderful surprise. You occupy their thoughts and add spice to their dreams.

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Spending time with family will be rewarding. It's reassuring to be surrounded by people who understand your quirks and appreciate your sense of humour. If you've been thinking of buying a place, this would be a great time to do so. A generous relative could help with the deposit or give you some much needed furnishings. Turn a deaf ear to a negative person who thinks you should be more cautious with your money. A grounded person like you needs a home base to thrive.

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Expanding your intellectual horizons will be enjoyable. This is a great time to acquire a skill or study with a respected teacher. Put your assumptions aside and let your instructor demonstrate another way of doing things. This method will be counterintuitive, but it will yield results sooner than you think. The more ways you are able to execute a task, the greater your success will be. Technical breakdowns and practical limitations can hamper someone with limited skills.

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More money is coming in, allowing you a greater measure of comfort. Splash out on a few luxuries. You are always working for ways to make life easier for others, but you rarely give yourself the same consideration. It's time to change this situation. Indulging in some new clothes, expensive toiletries or handsome jewellery will give your spirits a lift. You work hard and should have something to show for it. Satisfy your love of fine materials and quality workmanship.

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Your childlike enthusiasm opens doors. Don't be surprised if you're asked to go on a glamorous business or academic trip. This will be a great way to see the world at very little cost to you. You might be travelling rough, but that will be half the fun. Seeing the world will stimulate your creative side. If you're inspired to write, compose music or make some designs, do it. Getting a change of scenery is one of the best ways to break stubborn patterns.

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Spending time alone will be soothing. You're tired of being at the beck and call of others. Normally, it gives you great pleasure to make people's lives easier. Lately, people have become too dependent on you. They become angry and resentful when you're not readily available. This dynamic has got to stop. Putting your own needs first will send a clear message about your priorities. You're happy to lend assistance when you can, but only after you attend to your own needs. That's reasonable.

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Never underestimate the importance of your social network. If you're looking for work, you will find it through a friend. Spread the news of your job search far and wide. You will hear of a brilliant opportunity that seems tailor made for you. Are you in search of love? Similarly, someone you know can set you up on a blind date. Don't be quick to reject such an offer. You will be pleasantly surprised to meet someone who shares many of your values.

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An exciting opportunity to showcase your talent will arrive. Be ready to seize it. If you hesitate, a quick thinking rival will steal your thunder. You have wonderful ideas about putting a modern spin on old formulas. By presenting these concepts to the public, you could be given an impressive promotion or a high powered job. Landing a position in political office is also possible. You're tired of working in obscurity. Take this opportunity to command the spotlight with your innovative notions. You won't be sorry.

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Sharing expert knowledge with others will lift your spirits. You enjoy working with enthusiastic students who have high ambitions. By adjusting your methods to a variety of learning styles, you'll have great success. Stuffier members of the team will disparage these efforts, but you will have the last laugh. By the end of the term, your students will have demonstrated mastery of their subject, while theirs will still struggle to grasp basic concepts. The proof is in the pudding.

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Money from an inheritance, dividend or legal settlement will give you more financial leverage. If you want to put a deposit on a car or home, it will be possible. Don't be afraid to assume more responsibility. Having possessions can be a burden or blessing, depending on your viewpoint. If they don't serve you well, you can always get rid of them. Chances are they will be a source of profound pleasure, especially if you adopt an attitude of gratitude.

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Working with a partner will be stimulating. You know how to do all the practical aspects of a job, but when it comes to publicity, you're in the dark. Put your faith in a glamorous person who lends an element of fanfare to everything you do. Together, you can have tremendous success. Don't be shy about seeming crass or commercial. It's sometimes necessary to boil down the essence of your work to its barest essentials. Bland messages get lost in this highly competitive market.

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You'll race through work like a hot knife through butter. Give yourself a handsome reward for this diligence. Splash out on some new clothes or treat yourself to a massage. You don't often indulge in luxury, but when you do, it's in high style. Fortunately, money is coming in fairly quickly. Be sure to put a portion of your earnings into a savings account, where it can protect you from market fluctuations. A friend will ask for a loan. Don't feel pressured into giving it.

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