Philosophical disagreements shouldn't undermine a close friendship. Although you and a friend have different values, you still share many interests. Maintaining your friendship will give you a more nuanced view of the world. Too often, people insist on sticking with their own kind. This only deepens their convictions and leads to a sense of self righteousness. You'd rather entertain the possibility you could be wrong, at least some of the time. After all, variety is the spice of life.

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Getting to the bottom of a mystery will not be easy. Prepare to face some painful truths. Someone you love dearly could be revealed to have committed some terrible things. Don't be too quick to pass judgment. There may have been some extenuating circumstances you know nothing about. Friends may urge you to break off this relationship, but that's easier said than done. You're an extremely loyal person. Talk to a spiritual advisor for help with this dilemma. It will be comforting to get an objective opinion.

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Your best friend or romantic partner will challenge the way you've handled a problem. This is difficult, as you long for their approval. Try not to resent your friend for speaking up. It is important for them to obey their conscience. Your loved one wants to protect you from harm. Remaining silent simply isn't an option for them. There is a good chance you will stand by your choice. If this happens, your bond will weaken. In time, you'll be able to regain each other's trust.

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It may be necessary to work, even if you're supposed to have some time off. Try not to dwell on your disappointment. Your employer is grateful for your cooperation and will give you a raise, promotion or both. Unfortunately, your loved ones will resent all the time you spend away from home. Develop a plan for drawing healthier boundaries between your personal and professional lives. Although you want to get ahead, you don't want to neglect your nearest and dearest.

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You want to spend all of your time on a passionate romance, but it simply isn't possible. You have to attend to some financial responsibilities. Letting bills pile up will only put undue strain on your relationship. Tear yourself away from an attentive partner and get to work. If you're looking for work, seek a position at a cultural, religious or educational institution. This job will give you more satisfaction and pleasure than you might think. Get ready to have your cake and eat it, too.

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Working around the house gives you tremendous pleasure. You love creating a feeling of graceful order. Coming home to a neat, comfortable haven has always given you a sense of pride, but this can be a trap. You and your romantic partner are experiencing difficulties. Don't impose a lot of silly rules and regulations on your amour. The more compassionate you are to one another, the happier you will be. If that means overlooking dirty dishes in the sink, so be it.

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Having an optimistic outlook will boost your energy. While it's true you've recently received some disappointing news, all is not lost. You still have a chance to embark on a romantic adventure. If you're single, you will meet someone special while visiting a glittering metropolis. You will share an interest in an unusual writer, musician or filmmaker. Are you already in a relationship? Take this opportunity to enjoy a prolonged holiday away from home. You'll both benefit from a change of scenery.

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A creative project is calling. Instead of spending time with a loved one, you must work to get all your thoughts on paper. It would be a shame to forget a fantastic idea like this one. If you're in a romantic relationship, your partner will complain about your absence. Take this opportunity to discuss the importance of your creative process. You don't want to be neglectful, but it's important for you to have time for artistic pursuits. Develop a strategy for balancing these two parts of your life.

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Expressing your creative side is strongly advised. Take this opportunity to write, paint or play music. Relatives may not appreciate your work, but that doesn't matter. The important thing is to satisfy your own taste. People who are daring and experimental will appreciate your efforts. Don't be surprised if you're given a chance to showcase your work in a magazine, boutique or gallery. Fame and acclaim can be yours, so long as you're willing to follow your instincts.

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Don't divulge a friend's secret to a neighbour or relative. It's important to establish your reputation as a trustworthy confidante. Although it's tempting to indulge in juicy gossip, you're better off maintaining a discreet silence. Repeating salacious stories will tarnish your reputation. This is especially true in a professional setting. If your boss notices you can be trusted with sensitive information, you will be offered a more prestigious position. A nice promotion could be in the pipeline.

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Working on a social, humanitarian or scientific project will have its drawbacks. You won't make much money from your efforts, but it will be emotionally fulfilling. You're not the type who can take a job solely for money. You have to be doing something that feels meaningful. This may cause you to turn down lucrative jobs that offend your principles. Friends may be confounded by your actions, but it can't be helped. When in doubt, you must always obey your conscience.

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Career demands are keeping you busy. Although it's exciting to make more money, you wish you had more time for creative pursuits. Take comfort in the knowledge your artistic impulses will never abandon you. There will be an opportunity for you to experiment with words, colours and musical notes. Right now, you have an extraordinary opportunity to build up some savings. Give thanks for your good fortune and reconcile yourself to this season of work. You can have everything you desire, but not all at once.

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