Continue to strive towards achieving harmony in relationships. Equality is not so easy when you sense there is some unfairness going on. Someone is getting special treatment and there is nothing you can do about this favouritism at the moment. If you keep the peace and hide your true thoughts, you will get an opportunity some other day, to even the balance. This will take others by surprise.

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You find it hard to take interest in what an older relative has to say; you know you have heard it all before. Make it look as if you are giving them a fair hearing and they may be more amenable. Your efforts to control impatience and help calm the waves of differing outlooks in the home will impress those around you. With your help, deeper levels of understanding are achieved. An intimate friend gives you emotional support.

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You are faced with an emotional dilemma and this has something to do with a professional concern. Or it could be that your family life is in a tug of war with your career. Decisions regarding home improvements will mean you need to show your face more at home when outside commitments are also heavy. Changes taking place in your professional life might cause the family problems. It's not easy to resolve matters to everyone's satisfaction.

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If you have recently moved house, you feel a strong urge to add some personal touches to make you feel more at home. Before acting on ideas to spruce up the garden or buy new furniture, consider the likely costs. You could save money by putting your creative imagination to work. Over the next few days watch out for the chance to improve your skills or broaden your knowledge.

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A partner, either at home or in your professional life seems to be feeling sorry for themselves a lot of the time now. Showing sympathy might also encourage them to stick with the same patterns of behaviour. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind and although it might seem severe, a situation calls for realism and firmness. Start encouraging others to think positively by ignoring any attention seeking behaviour.

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You want to help people who are less fortunate but someone might be reminding you charity begins at home. Taking on new obligations for a Charity or Aid Organisation might cause tension in the family. Not everyone will understand your priorities. Today is one of those days when no matter what you do, someone or something will seem to be against you. For this reason, whatever your aims, persevere. Follow your own inclinations.

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You might sense an atmosphere at home or at work and this makes you unsettled and uneasy. At first no-one wants to talk about it. Later a friend will want to pour their heart out and you might wish they hadn't chosen you to confide in! You feel uncertain what to do for the best and there are no clear answers. You feel a strong need to get away from it all and unwind.

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If there's any overtime going at work or something interesting happening in the community you will be swift to volunteer. The last thing going on in your mind is domestic concerns; you just don't want to get involved with activities now taking place in your home. Your love life doesn't seem to be too great a priority either. In some relationships a cloud of indecision hangs in the air.

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If you are taking off on a holiday, check you have your passport and all the necessary documents. Is everything up to date? Delays could be due to small details that hardly seem important but can cause a lot of trouble. Tension could cause arguments and this in turn might lead to a big falling out. In all relationships bite your tongue. The least said, the sooner it will be mended.

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You feel your ideas are good so you won't be happy with those who disagree. An argument brewing in the workplace comes to a head. Misunderstandings are dealt with and new plans discussed. These will soon be set in motion. Although you might feel tense and on edge you will be glad you faced up to some matters and most difficulties are now out of the way.

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A friend might try to interfere in your love life and this is something you will not tolerate. If you must choose between a friend or a lover, it is more likely to be the end of a friendship. Even if others were expecting the opposite! Social activities are expensive. Why waste cash on here today gone tomorrow pleasures when you could enjoy something more lasting like a few days holiday?

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If a friend or colleague is lavishing you with praise, consider why they are trying to please you! It would be best to keep business and pleasure apart as this is not an easy mix today. You might ignore an older friend or colleague's warning about going ahead with some plans only to find they were right. Feelings threaten to overwhelm you so far as your relationships are concerned.

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