You're a fierce competitor. Whether you want to land a job or win someone's heart, you'll stop at nothing until you achieve victory. Some people are impressed by your ambition while others are intimidated by it. If you sense someone is keeping you at arm's length, it's because they don't trust you. The only way to become close is to stop acting like their rival. By developing your cooperative skills, you can form a productive partnership. Don't think in terms of winning and losing; focus on collaborating instead.

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Sometimes you hide your intelligence because you don't want to be burdened. Passive aggressive types have a way of gravitating to the most capable member of the group. Instead of solving other people's problems, you'd rather focus on your own work. Some people think you're selfish, but that's because they want your help. Doing the job of three people has taken its toll on you. Continue to maintain firm boundaries and do only what is expected.

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Although you can see different sides of a single issue, your own values are rock solid. When you're asked to compromise your principles, your internal alarm goes off. You're not the type to break a personal rule just to impress others. Anybody who expects you to ignore their poor standards of behaviour is in for a surprise. You have no problem expressing your disapproval for other people's unethical methods. You won't hesitate to report illegal activity, either.

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Finding time to do charity work is important. You have always prided yourself on your professionalism. Advancing your own interests can leave you emotionally hollow. You want to make the world comfortable for everyone. If that means donating your time, money and talent to a good cause, so be it. Some of your relatives are astonished how many personal sacrifices you make for others. They don't understand what truly motivates you. Instead of trying to explain, just obey your impulses.

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Although you have lots of style, you also possess plenty of substance. Too often, people write you off as being superficial. That's because they've never seen you work. When you begin a project, you pour all your energy into it. Only until it is successfully completed do you take a break. Often, you go on an extended holiday that's very luxurious. That's why so many outsiders are confused. They only see you when you're recovering from a task. Happily, your colleagues can attest to your diligence.

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You take great pride in running an efficient household. While nobody can complain about the immaculateness of your household, some may find it forbidding. Take this opportunity to create a more inviting atmosphere. Warm colours, soft textures and intimate seating arrangements can make a tremendous difference. You might also want to add some thriving plants to the mix. Don't be surprised when you start entertaining more often after making a few simple adjustments to the decor.

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It's important to choose your friends carefully. You're such a pleasant, outgoing individual that others easily gravitate to you. Your task is to separate the wheat from the chaff. A good measure of someone's character is how they treat service professionals. Don't get close to anyone who is condescending or cruel to those who are trying to do a good job. Such bullies will only drain your emotional energy. The higher your standards for entering your social circle, the happier you will be.

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Creating a comforting routine will keep anxiety at bay. If you have difficulty falling asleep, establish a relaxing bedtime ritual. It may take a month to feel the effects of this practice, so be patient. Once your body gets used to doing things in a certain order before retiring, it will learn to relax, release and rest. This is a critical lesson to learn. Your exhaustion is taking a toll on your health. It's hard to make good decisions when your entire system is suffering.

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It's impossible to argue with your common sense approach. You've always been an idealist, but when you propose a lofty idea, you make sure it can be practically executed. That's why your boss has so much confidence in you. You'd never waste the group's time with some pie in the sky proposal. When someone questions your logic, you are ready with facts and figures that support your plan. Take this opportunity to develop ways for people to feel more comfortable at work.

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You're determined to be at the top of your game. The best way to achieve this goal is to gain advanced knowledge. Getting an impressive degree will end all speculation about the depth of your understanding. You should also take some management courses in your quest for success. Knowing how to lead and inspire others is critical. You shouldn't have one set approach. Use your powerful skills of perception to determine the best way to deal with each member of your team.

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You don't easily share your feelings. That's because people have taken you to task for being different. Your offbeat perspective fills conventional types with indignation. These stuffy people simply can't believe there is more than one way of viewing an issue. As a result, you're hesitant to let down your defences. You'd rather maintain a mysterious silence than offer an opinion. This approach is fine in your professional life, but you should try to be more forthcoming with your romantic partner.

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Although you treasure your privacy, you do enjoy socialising from time to time. Take this opportunity to meet with friends who make you laugh. Their irreverent perspective will ease your anxieties. Placing too much importance on a single meeting, job or encounter will drive you to distraction. You can always make a fresh start later. If you aren't happy with your performance on a particular day, tell a person you respect. They'll give you great advice on making improvements.

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