Signing a contract or forming a partnership could prove beneficial. Having them in your corner will enable you to realise a childhood dream. Their tenacity will help you withstand some tough times. Don't be so quick to give up when you encounter difficulties. Being more frugal could help you finance a writing project. You don't need lots of cash to launch this effort, but it will help if you have some savings.

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The results of a fitness programme are very impressive but it's time to set a new goal. Perhaps you need to set aside more time for your favourite activities. Lately, your days have been filled with drudgery. Get relatives, roommates and colleagues to do their bit. They may not be as thorough as you are, but who cares? These jobs have stopped you spending time outdoors. A nature lover like you needs to connect with the birds, trees and flowers.

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Completing a creative project feels wonderfully satisfying. You could be asked to teach a class as a result of this work. A budding romance is ready to burst into flower. Don't be afraid to commit to someone who has made your life much more fun. Resist the urge to mollycoddle a child they can stand up for themselves. If they have to tackle a problem, try not to interfere. This is all part of the learning process.

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Try to wrap up a property deal because your prospects for selling or buying a home are at an all time high in the next two weeks. If you wait any longer, the terms won't be nearly as good. Fortunately, your negotiation skills are very strong. You can get a much better deposit or interest rate than is initially offered. Listen to a friend who has lots of experience in this field. Although you may doubt their advice at first, it will prove accurate.

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The time has come to clear the decks of old business; return phone calls, emails and text messages. Bring unwanted merchandise back to the store. Fill out any paperwork that demands your attention. If you keep putting off these matters, you could incur some late fees. An authority figure might notice your diligence and praise you for it. In the past, you've had a tendency to overlook minor details. By changing your ways, you could put yourself in line for a promotion.

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Be more open to receiving kindness from friends, family and workmates. Usually, you prefer being of service to others. Unfortunately, this makes you prone to burnout. Stop resisting when someone offers to run errands, fix dinner or file paperwork. If nobody volunteers to help, it may be because they are tired of being rebuffed. Go ahead and ask. Legal matters tend to go your way. Try to get a decision rendered as soon as possible, while your luck is holding out.

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People are taking notice of your unique talent. Don't be shy about basking in the spotlight. Fortunately, an admirer isn't threatened by your newfound fame. In fact, they're pretty turned on by it. Take this opportunity to go out for a celebratory dinner. If you've been thinking of taking up a new hobby, make a start now. Your creative side demands expression. News of an inheritance, refund or legal settlement could be music to your ears.

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Your desire for privacy has never been stronger. It's time to carve out some quiet time. Whether this means hiring a babysitter, waking up earlier, or leaving work on time is up to you. The important thing is to make your needs the top priority. If you continue being completely accessible, you'll collapse under the pressure. Don't bother justifying your desire for quiet time to others. You need solitude more than most people. There's nothing wrong with that.

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Friends have wondered where you've been for the past few weeks. It's time to get back on the social scene. The warm reception you'll get will prove gratifying. Sometimes you wonder whether anyone loves you. Actually, you've always been popular. Stop taking your status for granted. If you're looking for work, you could find a steady job to give you financial security, it might not be all that exciting, but right now you may have to make do.

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You could be thrust in the spotlight and fortunately, you're very comfortable with all the attention. That's because you've handled a difficult job beautifully. Your ability to put a difficult client in their place has saved your employer lots of time and money. It's possible you will be rewarded with a promotion or raise. Alternatively, you could launch your own business. An impressed executive could give you the start up money for such a venture.

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You have to put your money where your mouth is. If you don't carry out your beliefs, people will brand you a hypocrite. Fortunately, speaking truth to someone in power will result in some unforeseen luck. Don't be surprised if you're offered a promotion, teaching job or writing gig. People will be impressed by your views and values and will want to hear more. Give more thought to putting your home in order. Chaotic surroundings sap your energy.

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Settling your debts will put your mind at ease. If you don't have the full amount to pay a sizable bill, put yourself on a payment programme. Sending even a small amount every few days will make a big difference to your self esteem. You hate feeling obligated, whether it's to people or big institutions. A long standing flirtation could culminate in a passionate embrace. It may be wise to keep this affair a secret in the early stages.

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