Keep pencil and paper handy, as you could have some vivid dreams. These night visions are trying to tell you something about your home life. Perhaps a relative needs medical assistance. Maybe your roommate is getting ready to move on to greener pastures. It's even possible your landlord is thinking of raising the rent. Whatever the situation, you need to be prepared. Fortunately, you're very good at making decisions on your feet. This will prevent a small problem from spiralling out of control.

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An unexpected visitor could stop by. The two of you have lots to catch up on; one of you has made a radical shift. Although you have very little in common now, it doesn't erase the affection that first drew you together. A sentimental token of your time together should be put in clear view. Catching sight of this memento will remind you life is full of possibilities. If you've been longing to reclaim an abandoned dream, now is the time to do it.

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Setting yourself apart from the crowd will put you in line for a glamorous job. True, you may not have as much experience as other candidates, but this will work in your favour. Stress your ability to think outside of the box when you're being interviewed. If you are happy with your position, this would be a good time to launch a bold experiment. A new product or service will earn your employer lots of money. Take this opportunity to ask for a raise or promotion.

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You could get unprecedented access to an exclusive religious, cultural or educational institution. Be sure to bring along a camera and notebook to record your observations. A legal matter will be decided in your favour, allowing more creature comforts. Go ahead and splurge on luxurious towels, sheets and furnishings. It's about time you learned to treat yourself, instead of spending all of your money on others. Besides, having a beautiful home is as essential as food and water for you.

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Someone who once didn't appeal to you seems wildly attractive. Perhaps they've changed their look in some way, or maybe they have become very flirtatious. A passion packed encounter will be one of the most exciting you've ever experienced. There's something about someone who looks one way and acts another that proves endlessly fascinating. If you're already in a relationship, take your lover by surprise with an expensive token of your affection.

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A romantic or business partner has an exciting piece of news. The two of you may be able to afford a luxury holiday you've always wanted to take. At first, the prospect of going away for a long time will terrify you. So many people depend on you to keep their lives running smoothly. Resist the urge to cancel your plans. Instead, write down an extensive list of instructions so people will be able to hold down the fort while you're away.

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A plum position will fall into your lap quite unexpectedly. You thought for sure another colleague would get this assignment. What you don't realise is you possess the right skill to perform this job to perfection. A gift for diplomacy, an eye for detail and a head for numbers are all jewels in your crown. If you're given a bonus, spend it on clothes and jewellery. Too often, you're forced to scrimp and save for the things you love. That's about to change!

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The public eats up your creative efforts with a spoon. There's never been a better time to show your work to an agent or manager. Getting representation is the first step to becoming a professional artist. If a youngster shows interest in music, theatre or film, give your full encouragement. Although the entertainment field doesn't offer a lot of job security, it can bring tremendous satisfaction. That's worth its weight in gold. Your young friend will find a way to pay their bills while pursuing a dream.

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A sudden memory from childhood makes you realise a female relative loved you much more than you realised. Perhaps she was unable to communicate her feelings properly. Maybe she wasn't in the position to spend as much time with you as she would have liked. Whatever the situation, you can be safe in the knowledge you were cherished. Take this opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Get into the habit of expressing tender emotions, both verbally and physically.

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This is a great time to upgrade your phone service, home entertainment centre or computer. If you're not sure what sort of arrangement will suit you best, talk to a friend who has lots of experience with this sort of thing. Her advice will be invaluable. A short business trip will be lots more pleasurable than you anticipated. You could get a last minute upgrade thanks to a mix up with reservations. Take full advantage of the situation; you only live once!

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A handsome raise or well paid job comes your way. Now you're able to afford more luxuries, you're not sure what to buy. That's all right. Keep your money safe in the bank. Having a nest egg will give you peace of mind. This is the greatest gift you could ever give to yourself. The knowledge you can leave a difficult situation at a moment's notice makes your spirits soar. Now you can choose your fate, instead of blindly accepting whatever is available.

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You attract romance like a fragrant flower draws bees. It's nice to be the centre of attention for a change. Usually, you stay in the background, letting more flamboyant types command the spotlight. Now the public has turned its attention towards you. Your shy sparkle is a refreshing alternative to all the brash behaviour being bandied about. News of an unexpected pregnancy fills you with happiness; this is a wonderful turn of events.

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