You're willing to look at all sides of an issue before making a decision. This is something of a departure for you. Normally, you don't waste a lot of time deliberating; you just leap before you look. This situation is a little different. You're putting your name on an important document, and don't want to make a foolish decision that will reflect poorly on you. Fortunately, you have a lot of good advisors at your disposal. Ask for their guidance.

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Realising your hidden potential will be an invigorating experience. Think back to a time when you were interested in a subject, only to be discouraged by a teacher or parent. Just because somebody said you have no talent for art, music, or sports doesn't make it true. You owe it to yourself to pursue your heart's desire. Give yourself permission to be a beginner. Your initial efforts may not be impressive, but you will improve with practice.

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Throwing a big party for a friend will be a lot of fun. You love planning the menu, decorations, music, and guest list. If you have too much on your plate, go ahead and delegate small jobs to guests. They'll be happy to help. When tasks fall through the cracks, don't worry. The important thing is to have a good time. The worst case scenario is if the food is somehow spoiled. When that happens, just pick up the phone and order a pizza.

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You have the opportunity to network with some very powerful individuals. Knowing these people will advance your own career. Never underestimate the importance of a glowing recommendation. You might have to work behind the scenes at an office to prove your worth. Don't balk at seeming menial assignments. Your supervisor may be testing you. If you do the work with grace and good humour, you'll be given bigger and better assignments. It's all part of paying your dues, so just grin and bear it.

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Working on a creative project gives you a sexy glow. You have so many talents, but sometimes find difficulty expressing them. That's because so many people rely on you to keep things organised. Feel free to step back from your duties for a little while. Give them to some capable friend, relative, or colleague. Focus instead on playing music, practicing a dance, or rehearsing a play. You're sure to get an enthusiastic reception for this work. You're a born performer.

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You take great pride in your work, and it's no wonder. These days, it's rare to find such a perfectionist. You won't turn in an assignment until it is flawless in every way. In time people will take your gifts for granted, and forget how exceptional they are. If that's happened with you, take this opportunity to ask for a raise. It's unlikely your request will be refused, but if it is, cut back your contributions. This will prompt your employer to give you the compensation you deserve.

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A legal decision will be made in your favour, causing you to breathe a huge sigh of relief. For a while, you weren't sure if this matter would ever be solved. Now that it has, you can move on to bigger and better things. Plan a holiday, write a book, or return to the classroom. Do something that engages your intellect. If you're single, you could meet someone on an overseas trip or at a restaurant that specialises in foreign cuisine.

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Your mysterious persona attracts lots of attention. People want to be near you, if only to get a better sense of your true motives. Keep them guessing; it works to your advantage. Don't be surprised if your sex drive experiences a dramatic increase. You're a highly sensual person, and need to be touched, kissed, and caressed on a regular basis. When this doesn't happen, you become irritable and distracted. It won't be difficult to find someone to fulfil your needs.

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Signing a contract or entering into a deal will be beneficial for you. Generally, you prefer operating on your own. In this circumstance there are too many holes in your knowledge to take a solo flight. Rely on your partner's expertise to guide you through any murky areas. If you have to pay someone a fee, do it. Resist the urge to grumble. Their time and effort is worth the cost. There's nothing worse than having to pay to correct mistakes you've made out of ignorance.

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Working with an intelligent colleague will be informative. You'll learn new strategies for dealing with difficult people and solving stubborn problems. While you have amassed a lot of impressive experience yourself, you still have some weak spots. Being open to different approaches will strengthen your own skills. If you've been struggling with a health issue, try doing something to lift your spirits. Your mind/body connection is stronger than you think.

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You're extremely attractive, and you know it! Don't be surprised when several people start vying for your attention. If you're already in a relationship, ask your lover to pet and pamper you. Normally, you're so independent that you shun their affectionate indulgences. Right now you could use a little tender loving care. A youngster who is struggling with a problem will visibly brighten after you offer them praise and encouragement. Your opinion means a lot.

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Take a protective stance towards a relative who feels vulnerable. Although this family member puts on a convincing act, they're actually a lot more sensitive than they pretend. Your kindness and compassion will go a long way towards building their confidence. We've all been out of our element at times. Having a reassuring friend makes all the difference between sinking and swimming. You know just what to say to make this family member strengthen their resolve.

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