This is a good time to apply for a loan, scholarship or grant. Be as thorough as possible filling out paperwork. If you're not sure how a question should be answered, contact the institution to which you are applying. An official will be happy to guide you through the maze of enquiries. Remain patient with someone who sounds condescending at first. You might be hypersensitive. After providing more information, the two of you will work very well together. Let down your defences.

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Studying, reading and performing research will be rewarding. If your work offers a profit sharing or retirement program, take advantage of it. This fund could yield the financial security you desire. Unexpected transportation difficulties and mechanical breakdowns can cause stress. The more flexible you are, the easier it will be to cope with these minor disappointments. Keep the big picture in mind at all times. A last minute change of plans could bring an opportunity to rest and relax.

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Getting specialised training can improve your job prospects. Fortunately, you're a fast learner. You should sail to the head of the class in record time. A romantic partner is supportive of your studies and will arrange a special celebration once you receive a diploma or license. A jealous friend could make some disparaging jokes about your desire to get ahead. You're tired of defending your ambitions to this pest. Think about breaking off this relationship. Surround yourself with people who aren't threatened by your success.

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You're extremely competitive, especially where work is concerned. Outshining a colleague gives you great satisfaction. You're tired of being limited a certain role. It's time to venture into unfamiliar territory, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Resist the urge to get in a power struggle with an erratic authority figure. Although you're tired of catering to their whims, this isn't a good time to break ties with your employer. It's always easier to find a job when you already have one.

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A hospital, university or government agency could give you the paperwork you require to move ahead. Establish a friendship with an official who can serve as an advocate for you. Avoid getting entangled with a legal matter. Launching a lawsuit will cause more problems than it is worth. You're better off walking away from a troublemaker who has lots of time to waste in the court system. Cut your losses and focus on making a fresh start. You have the ability to build a secure financial future.

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Developing a product or service will be stimulating. You've got great instincts about what the public wants. When you encounter obstacles, ask trusted friends for feedback. They'll offer good advice for coping with setbacks. An unexpected bill will put a dent in your budget. Be prepared to juggle expenses. You might have to put off a big purchase for another time. Be patient. If you're looking for work, explore opportunities related to teaching, writing and research. A close relative or neighbour can write you a good reference.

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A job interview will go very well. Although the salary won't be very impressive, there is lots of growth opportunity involved with this company. Slow and steady will win the race. Your best friend or romantic partner may not be very supportive about this career change. That's because they think you are underselling yourself. What they may not realise is that you've been longing for an opportunity to exercise your leadership ability. If you play your cards right, you'll soon get a well earned promotion

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A legal matter could be decided in your favour. This causes you to breathe a sigh of relief. Although you hate to admit it, you were worried about how this matter was going to play out. Now you've resolved this matter, you can move on to greener pastures. Resist the urge to leave a job. Having a steady income will allow you to pay off debts. You can think about finding a new position after you've fulfilled these financial obligations.

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Research could pay off handsomely. Take a trip to the library. Going through documents, almanacs and newspapers can uncover the information you need. The more you know about a particular business or person, the easier it will be to make an informed decision about them. A romantic relationship could be suffering. You're having a hard time committing to someone. If you're already in a relationship, your partner's mood swings could be getting on your nerves.

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Signing a contract or entering into a partnership will be reassuring. You're tired of having to make it on your own. Having people upon whom to rely will give you more leisure time. Take this opportunity to realise a childhood dream. A relative could mock these efforts. Don't let their nasty remarks undermine your confidence. They're just jealous. Your accomplishments are impressive but are not the result of dumb luck. The secret to your success is a willingness to work hard to towards realising lofty goals.

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Your employer is impressed by your teamwork. When you're around, colleagues come together in a spirit of harmony. This makes everyone more productive and cooperative. If you're looking for work, be sure to emphasise your ability to work with people from all walks of life. This quality is a definite asset. Resist the temptation to tell a bothersome relative what you think of their erratic behaviour. You'll only regret it. When confronted with another temper tantrum, quietly back away.

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Reading books, watching movies and listening to music can lift your spirits. Lately, you've been working hard. If you don't take a break, you could suffer burnout. A financial shortfall will make it difficult to make ends meet. Fortunately, you're very resourceful. By cutting back on luxuries, you'll be able to pay the bills without falling further in debt. Are you looking for work? Explore opportunities related to childcare, landscaping and veterinary work.

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