You want to get on with things and feel motivated and raring to go but little annoyances get in the way. It could be that you and your colleagues have differing opinions about a certain work project, or perhaps it is difficult to get your point across clearly to them. Don't let frustrations build up, it would be better to look at your own performance first before taking umbrage at someone else. Are there some changes you could make to help the situation along?

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If you are dissatisfied with your current knowledge in a particular subject then why not enrol on a course? You will be able to build on the information you have already amassed, and not only will it stand you in good stead for the future, but it might be good fun too. Don't let the passivity or disinterest of other people stand in the way of your own progress. Make up your mind what you want to learn, then go ahead and do so.

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Issues relating to your possessions whether personal or held jointly with someone are especially relevant. Try to keep things in perspective and do not allow yourself to be swayed too strongly by your emotions. Giving in to sudden or impulsive purchases could be regretted later on for example, or you may not be assessing a co-operative enterprise in a fully realistic and distinct way. Examine your attitudes towards financial and material matters, and you may decide it is time to transform some of them.

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Your heart and emotions are centred upon the communication going on within your closest relationships. It is likely that you have been giving this a great deal of thought, in particular with a view to understanding and clarifying the perimeters operating there. Rather than confronting them with ultimatums or a list of requirements, it would be more helpful to sit down with your partner or associate and talk openly about your hopes desires and expectations of each other. You'll feel much more settled once you do.

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A period of time spent alone will bring thoughts and impulses to mind concerning past events and patterns. Having realised how they influenced and directed your actions, you may decide to more formerly structure and organise you daily routine, or bring a more disciplined and orderly approach to you current health practices. This discovery has the potential to be the catalyst for positive change, particularly if you can honestly face up to any old disappointments and transform them into future successes.

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Even if a deeply emotional response is evoked within you it is important to be honest about your feelings. You may not fully understand why you are feeling so sensitive, and this could be a little disconcerting. Try not to allow muddle or confusion to cloud your judgement, just go about your daily activities, and when you converse with other people, be as clear and unambiguous as possible. Friends and associates can be supportive and comforting, so don't be afraid to confide in them.

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Your vocational commitments or obligations in the community can be fulfilled with ease and satisfaction. You are able to draw on your inherent diplomacy in your conversations and discussions with other people, and rely upon your natural flair for communication to come to the fore. Whether it a formal gathering such as a conference or seminar, or even if it is just a social occasion with friends, you are especially congenial and accommodating to the needs of others, and can help them reach a point of agreement.

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It is circumstances and happenings in your local community that are liable to attract your attention today. Communications with friends and neighbours may on the face of it be fairly reserved and commonplace, but they could evoke a powerful and emotional response to arise within you. Cursory information will not be satisfying, you will want to acquire a deeper and more in-depth level of understanding, and so you may choose to follow up on any rumour or snippet of news that reaches you now.

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The present planetary configurations are favourable for your financial matters and negotiations. If you need to consult an advisor in this area, then today would be a good day to do so. You are able to take a practical and pragmatic approach to monetary concerns, and so any discussions or consultations in this area are likely to work out for your benefit. Try to keep any impulsive proclivities at bay and remain cautious, and this will go a long way towards safeguarding a positive outcome.

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It is possible that you feel a little more distant or reserved than is your usual practice right now. You may feel less inclined to be sociable and more interested in quiet and solitary pursuits. With the Moon in your sign, the qualities of circumspection, patience and discipline are even more pronounced that usual, and this is likely to be evident in the way you relate to the people closest to you. Don't let this present state of mind dampen your intimate relationships, better to draw on your wit and humour to lighten the mood.

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Even though you are in a fairly conservative mood some sudden and unexpected emotions could surprise you. It may take patience and persistence in order to throw off these unsettling feelings, but persevere and you will. You are unlikely to feel much like socialising during this process; quiet reflection may be far more appealing. In the meantime, your approach to creativity is very structured and disciplined, and so you are able to channel your energy into a productive and fruitful activity.

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You are able to bring constructive ideas along with imaginative suggestions for activities with your friends. Don't become frustrated if they do not accept your first recommendation, simply think of another proposal that might appeal to them and offer that. With a little patience, you are bound to come up with a plan that suits everyone, and your ingenuity will be appreciated by all. This recognition will give your self-confidence a boost, and so you will be far more sure of yourself and your ideas in the future.

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