You have serious concerns about your job. If business isn't good or there's a power struggle at the top, start looking for another position. It will take time to find a job that's worthy of your skills, so be patient. If you're unemployed, don't be discouraged by a lack of opportunity. Continue to submit applications, attend job fairs and network. Persistence will pay off. It also helps to maintain a positive attitude. Surround yourself with optimists who lift your spirits.

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Legal problems about a property matter are driving you to distraction. This isn't a good time to relocate to a distant city. Wait until this problem has been settled before moving. You might have to rent a place while you're awaiting a court decision. While you're in limbo, this would be a good time to take a challenging course. Studying a fascinating subject will be a welcome diversion from worry. You'll enjoy learning about an ancient society that has always fascinated you.

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Shared resources are running low. At much as it pains you to do so, you must speak with your business or romantic partner. If you're going to overcome this difficulty, you must work together. Change your priorities, follow a strict budget and do your best to put some money into savings each pay period. When stress starts to set in, resist the temptation to argue. Forming a united front is the only way to overcome this financial pinch.

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Your best friend or romantic partner can't find the work they want. This is causing them to lash out. Don't take their anger personally. Instead, give them the space they need to come to terms with their problem. After being left to their own devices, they'll lower their defences and ask for help. Meanwhile, you should busy yourself with a personal project that gives you pleasure. Keeping your own spirits high will make you more alert to moneymaking opportunities for your loved one.

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It's only natural you are worried about the health of a relative. Their ongoing struggles have been harrowing to witness. Instead of giving in to feelings of powerlessness, do something to make their life a little better. This could include anything from preparing them a special meal, to reading aloud to them, to running a few errands on their behalf. Showing you care will make more of an impact than you realise. Everyone needs to feel valued, especially when they're struggling.

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It may be difficult to meet expenses for a child. Don't hesitate to apply for financial assistance. A cultural, religious or educational fund can give funds for an athletic programme, creative course or extracurricular activity. There are many agencies designed for people in your situation. Don't worry. You'll soon be able to repay this generosity. You're dealing with a temporary setback. By rising to the challenge, you'll set a great example for the youngster you are trying to help.

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Problems with an expensive appliance fill you with dread. You don't want to have to replace this item, but it's past time you did. Start doing some research into models that will serve your purposes. Resist the temptation to buy the most popular item. It's better to invest in craftsman made merchandise that is famous for lasting for years. If you have to spend a little more money up front, so be it. That's better than being put in the same position in another year.

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A package will be misdirected or stolen. Make sure to file an official report as soon as possible. This will give the authorities an opportunity to rectify the problem. When talking to customer service, have your order number and payment information ready. This will make an odious process much easier. Although you don't have high hopes to be reimbursed, you will be pleasantly surprised. An observant neighbour will help with the investigation. Give them a token of your appreciation.

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A reduction in pay fills you with dismay. Try not to give in to feelings of despair. This setback is a blessing in disguise. You've been languishing in a dead-end position for some time. Now the ground has shifted beneath your feet, you'll have to move. You should do some research into rapidly growing fields that need workers with advanced skills. By taking a challenging course, you'll soon have your choice of positions. Instead of waiting on events, take control of your destiny.

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As sad as it is to admit it, you can no longer mix with a charming person who has betrayed your trust. The sooner you cut ties with this manipulator, the better. You share some lovely memories, but don't let these times keep you from protecting your interests. Opportunists often try to win the affection of their victims. This makes it easier for them to take advantage of their targets. Face the truth of the situation. Burying your head in the sand will only lead to more losses.

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It's difficult to know how to handle a financial problem. You don't want to go against your conscience, but taking a stand will result in a job loss. Step back from the situation and take a few deep breaths. There are more options than you realise. Instead of challenging people start looking for other positions. Do only the bare minimum at work. Eventually, you'll find employment that doesn't challenge your moral code. Landing a job at a small, family owned operation is advised.

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This isn't a good time to enter into a business arrangement with a friend. There are hidden aspects of this venture that won't sit well with you. It's better to remain a free agent. If your loved one pressures you to get on board, don't get defensive. Explain you don't like mixing friendship with finance. You'll realise you made the right decision sooner than you think. When in doubt, always trust your intuition. It will keep you from falling victim to your generous heart.

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