You have more strength in your little finger than those around you have in their entire body. Either that or you don't know when to quit! If a mechanical or household matter isn't put to rights immediately, it could get worse and be costly in the future. Follow safety guidelines in a work situation as you don't want anyone to get hurt. Even so it might seem as if brute force is the order of the day.

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What you are going through now is a learning experience of trial and error. You prefer being familiar with most people you work with as you don't have time to get used to any newcomer's personality or methods. There is one thing you can't control and that's the weather and other outside events and situations. Even so within a small group, you will be getting on well because you feel confident, in command and respected for your skills and knowledge.

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Take someone up on a challenge and it will be one of the most amazing things you've ever done. A breathtaking experience could in many ways change your plans for the future. If you want to get really serious about altering your lifestyle this is the day to do it. An impulse could propel you towards a project that will be both charitable and personally rewarding. It will be just a case of common sense with a little foresight and careful planning.

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Put someone on a pedestal and eventually they will start believing they're a cut above the rest. You could be bringing all manner of future problems your way if you allow idolisation to blind you to a person's flaws. All the signs of a potentially problematic situation are there. You're already allowing yourself to be used by someone who takes your kindness for granted. You need to start realising you're just as good, if not better than them.

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A partnership gets better and better as you each fill in the other's imperfections. Joint arrangements are successful and it's because you've found a place where you can use your skills and talents to great effect. At the same time another person's strengths combine with yours to produce better results than either of you expected. You're doing a brilliant job of captivating other people today.

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Machinery you are working with is irreplaceable and that's why you will be treating it with the utmost respect. People trust you for your sensible and practical ways and you might use this to your advantage by getting others to agree to plans they would usually reject out of hand. Single? Anyone wanting to get to know you on an intimate level will have to pass a high level of testing before you even let them know you're interested!

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Taking off in new directions could help you progress and bring you fame and fortune. If you are often in the public eye a new social connection could open up a whole new world for you and bring you opportunities you could never have imagined for yourself. You are about to take up one of the biggest challenges you've had so far this year. There is no room for uncertainty. Follow your instincts and you will rise above past failures.

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A project you expected to be small and easy to handle is now being taken onto a much bigger scale. You might question your involvement in this especially if it is of a voluntary nature and is likely to take up even more of your time in the future. You aren't the only one who feels unhappy about the situation. Get together with those who share your uncertainties and take firm action against what you see as wrong or unfair before they go off the idea altogether.

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A task that seems impossible to some people looks like a viable option to you. It will take a certain type of person to accept this work: someone who can keep themselves interested, amused and motivated. For this reason the person for this particular job or assignment could well be you. Your personal affairs enjoy an exciting breakthrough and the amount of commitment you put into new responsibilities will be rewarded with similar success.

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Research brings interesting results when one discovery leads to another. A topic gets your intense interest and you will be determined to put more time into this in the future. Of immediate concern is how you might resolve a personal problem. Help you had been expecting isn't forthcoming. It could be someone wants to see how you handle a situation without their interference. Urge a housemate to guard against careless accidents this evening.

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A fairy tale hides a dark secret; someone's romantic life isn't as glorious and glamorous as they have been letting on. Uncertainty about how you should handle a close relationship or friendship prompts you to look to an older relative for advice. A person who is an exhibitionist has revealed too much of their personal life in order to gain attention or admiration. Their secrets are probably safe with you but they may have lost your respect.

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Gossip might cause you to question a loved one's recent activities or behaviour. Be careful about how you word things to your spouse or a close friend. Do you really want them to think you don't trust them? It is entirely possible rumours have been fed to you in order to deceive you or lead you into doubting a relationship. Let others meddle in your concerns and you can only expect disappointment. Why not trust your instincts and ignore the gossips?

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