Carrying out heavy responsibilities feels more like a burden than a blessing now. Everybody keeps reminding you of how lucky you are, but it doesn't seem evident to you. Perhaps what you really fear is that nobody will be around to catch you if you fall. Cut the day short and spend the evening with a friend who has never let you down. Even brave wee soldiers like you need somebody to confess your worries to.

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You long for personal freedom but you're crying at the moon today. You have too many obligations to conclude before you can do anything. Rather than brooding over the situation, use it to your advantage. Somebody in your position deserves to be waited on so build in some quality time once you've finished your chores. If people are going to throw executive decisions in your lap, the least you can do is act like a VIP!

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It seems utterly absurd to apply conventional wisdom to an unusual situation, but that's what people expect. You're tired of taking the dull, predictable route, especially when a golden opportunity to do something new and unusual appears to be shining right in front of you. Don't be tempted to enact a wee experiment, or you could run into trouble with people around you. Taken in general terms this may be a sign you need to go your own way.

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Bizarre cravings and controversial impulses are welling up inside you, and you're not sure what to think. It's almost as if you were possessed by some sex god or goddess! Never fear, your desires are just the result of sensual neglect. If you keep ignoring your physical needs, your psyche is bound to rebel. Stop telling yourself that you shouldn't want certain things. The more you deny yourself, the stranger your passions will become.

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It's hard for you to obey somebody else's rules, especially when they conjure up childhood memories. Although you may be a kid at heart, you're still very much your own boss. Perhaps it's time to set the record straight with this person, if you go along with their bossy behaviour this time, they'll mistake you for a marshmallow. Imagine their astonishment when they try to push you and find that you're a rod of iron inside. Think about it.

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Generally, routines have a soothing effect on you; you like to know what's up ahead. Today, however, you're sick and tired of going through the same old motions. You long to do something wacky and irresponsible, like broadcasting your contempt for the world over a great big loudspeaker. Before you tell the boss exactly what you think of their managerial style, grab hold of yourself. Confine your remarks to your diary, and hide it someplace safe. Least said soonest mended.

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It's important to exercise self-control with regard to your money, or problems will ensue. There are so many expensive amusements around; it's hard to limit yourself to just one. However, if you're going to be solvent by the end of the Hogmanay, it's imperative that you cut back on your spending. Pick one gift you'd like to give yourself, and make sure it's something special that will sustain you for a long time to come.

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You will have to subdue your anger if you're going to make a favourable impression. Some people have a talent for bringing out the worst in you, and that seems to be the case today. However, if you manage to control your outbursts and deal with these people in a gracious but effective way, you will win the approval of many onlookers. Thank heavens you've a will of iron that thrives on such challenges.

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Whilst it's true you're undeniably clever, your smart Alec mind can trip you up in unexpected ways. Don't even try to lord your knowledge over others, or you could win yourself rivals or enemies you can do without. No matter how impressive your skills are, you still need to sell them to the public if you're going to benefit from them. A positive stratagem is to recognise other people's accomplishments whilst you're busy showing off your own.

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An impulse to give away all of your worldly goods could seize you at the strangest moment. It's not that you're willing to become a monk or nun just yet; it's just that you're bone tired of feeling like your possessions own you, instead of the other way around. This is a fine time to pare down your belongings. Clean out your closets and get rid of any unwanted items. Keep only what's useful or beautiful and go for a minimalist lifestyle.

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You deeply resent it when others try to exert authority over you, and aren't afraid to say so. This is precisely the right time when you'll have to decide which is more important: security or pride. You may very well choose the latter. An independent person like you mustn't be afraid to strike out on your own. Just remember your obligations to others before you throw down the gauntlet and once you've crossed the Rubicon there's no turning back.

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Unusual activities are being carried out behind the scenes, filling you with intrigue and mystery. Unfortunately, secret missions may be taking away from the time you should be spending on your everyday world. Tear yourself away from trying to find out what gives for a few hours or unsavoury questions could arise. You wouldn't want to draw unfavourable attention at this stage of the game instead keep up appearances. Besides, you'll learn far more if you show no interest than if you appear desperate to know.

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