Sometimes you have to work hard to keep a relationship afloat. You're not the most romantic person in the world, but you are capable of a tender gesture or two. Give careful thought to the way your partner needs to feel loved. Some people need to hear they are adored. Others prefer to be shown affection through sentimental gestures. Some people love extravagant gifts. Still others want practical help. Choose the method that will have the deepest impact on your amour.

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Strengthening your body is hard work, but it's essential to your happiness. You can develop beautiful muscle tone with weight resistance activities. Hiking, biking, and climbing are all good forms of exercise for you. If it's been a long time since you've worked out, be sure to start slow. Even taking a brisk walk on your lunch hour can work wonders. On the weekends, head for a beautiful nature spot that uplifts and inspires you mentally and spiritually.

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You're determined to have fun, even if work is beckoning. Take some time out of your busy schedule to play sports, write, or go out with friends. Someone will offer a class in a subject that has always fascinated you. Be sure to sign up now, while space is still available. You have a lot of options available to you. Deliberating endlessly over your choices can result in an empty schedule. Commit to one or two occasions in order to move forward.

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Puttering around the house will give you lots of pleasure. It helps that you have a little extra money to spend on indulgences. Take this opportunity to buy an expensive appliance. This gadget will make your life a lot easier, and will also give your home a dash of modernity. Are you growing tired of your job? Think about launching a home based business. You can make a handsome profit by caring for children, performing public relations, or balancing financial books.

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Sharing knowledge with others underscores your superstar persona. People love hearing you talk about your favourite subjects. That's because you convey warmth and enthusiasm. You're the opposite of the boring teacher who stands in front of a class, droning for hours about pointless drivel. If you've ever wanted to teach or write for a living, now is the time to begin. You might have to volunteer your services at first, but a paying opportunity will come along.

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You're determined to get paid what you are worth. If you have a hard time making ends meet, you should ask for a raise or find a job that pays more. Fortunately, you have impressive skills that can fetch a decent salary. Working behind the scenes can be especially lucrative. You'll do very well writing speeches and correspondence for an executive who lacks your gift with words. Alternatively, you can train somebody who needs to project an air of intelligence to the public.

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It's time to promote your creative agenda. Don't be afraid to contradict an authority figure who doesn't have good taste. By offering some alternatives to their vision, you'll establish yourself as a powerful visionary. Take it upon yourself to decorate windows, showrooms, and advertising materials. Your work will attract a lot of favourable attention. It will also win you a loyal fan base. Don't be surprised when you become a star attraction in your industry. You'll be able to command a higher salary, too.

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Staying on the sidelines helps you build power on the career front. You don't like throwing your weight around. You prefer to operate by stealth, gathering information and formulating plans in silence. If you're looking for a job, you could find a good one at a government agency, hospital, or educational institution. You'll fare well in a big place that allows you to operate independently. It may be necessary to start at the bottom, but you'll soon work your way up the ladder of success.

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Creating long term plans isn't your style. You like living from moment to moment. This usually works well, until you have to embark on an adventure that requires several stages of accomplishment. If you want to attain a certain level of career success, you'll have to go to college or get some expert training. This will force you to stay in the same spot for quite some time. The sacrifice won't seem so terrible once you begin your program.

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Achieving career success is of paramount importance to you. You're very good at forging profitable alliances. That's because you're able to intuit what motivates people. Some people live to make money; others to make the world a better place. Knowing the difference makes you a valuable asset to any organisation. If you get offered a job with a low salary, negotiate for better benefits. More holidays, stock options, and retirement money could be yours for the asking.

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You're willing to fight for what is right. An impassioned speech will attract lots of support. You have a way of inspiring faith in even the most apathetic onlooker. If you're looking for love, you will find it with someone who was raised quite differently from you. The two of you will have lots of fun travelling. Comparing notes about everything you see, hear, and taste will be fun. It's fascinating to see the world through an entirely new pair of eyes.

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You're deeply in tune with your sensual side. Satisfy your love of luxury by wearing some silken lingerie, enjoying a gourmet meal, or spraying on enticing cologne. Anything that engages your five senses will stimulate your imagination. You'll make tremendous progress at work, especially when given creative tasks. You have a great eye for colour and form. Take this opportunity to craft an eye catching advertisement or display. Are you in a relationship? Plan a candlelit dinner for two this evening.

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