A major day in your life when you can begin or end many aspects of your world and either close it down or make a fresh start. You may not be emotionally equipped to deal with people or the public, despite your best intentions. If you feel like you're suffocating put some distance between you and whoever 'drowns' you. There's no reason to subject yourself to this drama, especially when there's important work to be done. Veer away from doing anything impulsive or it will backfire on you big time.

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Not a day to be trifled with for whatever you decide or do now will have a major impact on your life. There's no such thing as a private life as whatever you do the eyes of the world are upon you. An authority figure's attempt to interfere with your plans makes you defensive and angry. Don't do anything drastic if you can help it. A way out of this problem becomes clearer as time goes by. Until then, relax and be good to yourself and think twice before taking any action.

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You're quick thinking and go-ahead but that doesn't mean you should motor ahead with anything that hasn't been thoroughly researched. Furthering your education is easier than you think, despite financial constraints. Apply for a scholarship or grant your chances for getting outside funds are very strong. Go on; apply to courses or groups that seem out of your league. Your experience outside academia is more valuable than you realise but the combination of the two makes you top of the form. Play up any unusual jobs or hobbies on your application.

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The Full Moon tells you clearly to get to grips with your money-bags or you'll lose the lot. Worrying about your resources is for a reason as there is little you can do in this world without financial back-up. Break down barriers that exist between you and economic institutions: has familiarity bred contempt? At home, fights about cash are just masks for underlying fears. Be honest about the depth and breadth of your love for someone dear. This will put an end to your quarrels for once and for all.

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It's the end of a mega chapter in your life you've gone about as far as you can go, so pull down the curtain and find fresh limelight. If you're not getting what you need from a partner, it could be because you've been so wrapped up in yourself. Surprise the object of your affection with something they'd appreciate. If that's not enough to open the floodgates, relieve them of a task they hate. That should be enough to win their eternal loyalty. Carrying the can for someone cute has never been so rewarding.

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Sometimes you can protest too much and acting the injured party is your way of covering up the fact someone's hit a raw nerve. Come clean and admit you are at fault, it's easier rather than make someone a scapegoat. You've plenty of wonderful ideas about increasing your productivity, which improves your use. Surprisingly, your critics are open to these plans, too. Maybe it's because you know to reverse human psychology by adjusting your sales pitch to suit different audiences. Pay close attention to people's body language it'll give their game away.

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Whatever direction you had decided to take your future needs rethinking as an alternative a far more exciting option is about to appear. A friend breaks their promise one too many times, causing you to re-evaluate the relationship. Stop wasting valuable energy on people who don't appreciate your company. You're better off focusing your attention on creative projects. The Sun/Neptune conjunction increases your desire and attraction for romance, so prepare to trip the light fantastic with someone, somewhere soon.

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Your life is at cross-purposes so take a pause and be patient for Rome wasn't built in a day nor is the restructuring of your world. Your heart is not in anything you do today, and with good reason. It's been a long time since you had security. Instead of short-changing stability for short, sharp boosts of excitements, find out what direction you need to take to improve your status and life - this must be your first priority. Shift the current balance or you'll always feel overworked and unappreciated. Duty shouldn't be the only source of your personal worth.

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Responsibility is so important as is enjoyment but if you put the cart before the horse your dreams will be crushed. Before acting on your feelings, make sure whatever you are going after isn't impossibility. You're usually lucky, but this could be the exception to the rule. Perhaps your overconfidence is driving other more moderate folks away. Adopt a more humble approach. Modesty is very attractive and only underlines your talents even more.

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The Sun/Saturn link makes today one of the best for career, money and anything that increases your wealth through self worth. Your hard work pays off however you want - because you are about to reap what you deserve: you'll get no more or no less than you are due. You're living proof that loyalty and persistence has its rewards. Remember this feeling the next time you feel discouraged or defeated. With your nature you can weather any storm. Put your heart, soul and back into wherever your ambitions lie and you won't be disappointed.

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The planets empower you to do whatever is right for you, nothing is too ambitious or spectacular for you to achieve. Your spirituality and idealism demand expression don't waste time on pointless tasks. Perform a random act of kindness on someone who is hurting. Your good deed will have unexpected material rewards. For the moment, though, all that must concern you is where to take your life next, an empty stage is waiting for you to perform your ingenuity. You have an inner understanding that as you sow now so you will reap later.

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The less self centred you are the better too much "me" and not enough "we" the more you will miss out. The stars invest in your altruistic compassion so use it well. You're more determined than ever to please others, instead of yourself the greater your rewards to come. Spend quiet moments working on something that benefits those less well off. It's easier to make progress when you don't subject your efforts to outside criticism. Unleash the recesses of your imagination. Your subconscious wants you to make up for a regret you had some time back: it'll be a weight off your shoulders.

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