You have a marvellous opportunity to resurrect an old romance, if you so desire. Someone from your past may be anxious to reconnect with you. Alternatively, you could reach out to a former lover with great success. This exciting turn of events will have a wonderful effect on your looks. Don't be surprised if people start remarking on your sexy glow. Take this opportunity to add some attractive new items to your wardrobe. You're sure to find colours and fits which accentuate your best features.

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If you've been thinking of upgrading your home, ask the bank for a loan. You could get a very generous interest rate. If you currently rent your place, maybe it's time to buy a house or condo. Things are looking up on the romance front, too. If you're already in a relationship, you could receive a tender communication from your beloved. If you are single, you could meet someone special at a garden or park.

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A legal decision could be rendered in your favour, allowing you to move forward with an exciting plan. More education or living abroad are distinct possibilities. Publishing a book is also fesible. Relatives are offering plenty of financial and emotional support. If you don't have the funds to move forward, ask family for help. Moving into your own place is a distinct possibility. If you can't afford the rent on your own, advertise for a roommate.

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You have a chance to realise your sexual potential. In the past, you've been too shy to express your sensual side. Now you're willing to voice your desires. People will respond very favourably to the new you. In fact, you could get several dinner invitations. It's nice to have your pick of the litter. You may be especially attracted to a well travelled person. The two of you could have lots of fun visiting exotic countries together. If you have a lover plan a break away together.

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Your animal magnetism works wonders on a romantic partner. Don't be surprised when your beloved becomes more attentive to your needs. It's as though they're falling in love with you all over again. This would be a great time to get engaged, married, or renew your vows. If you are single, you could meet someone special at a foreign language class or cultural association. You're especially attracted to a dark person who exudes an air of mystery.

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There's never been a better time to reinvent your body. Launching a fitness programme will yield exciting results. You finally have the willpower to stick to a diet and exercise regime. The success you experience will improve your looks and spark your imagination. All of a sudden, you'll have more energy for romance, art and sports. It's as though you've been entirely reborn. Days like these are few and far between. Take advantage of your luck with a trip to the gym.

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A child has a transformative effect on your life; if you've had trouble conceiving or adopting a baby, your luck could change today. Not interested in being a parent? Then try your hand at a creative medium like acting, singing, or dancing. You've been blessed with considerable artistic talent. Unfortunately, this gift won't serve you unless you take the time to develop it. Make more time for an activity which has always captivated your imagination.

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You're finally able to break through an emotional block you have been paralysed by for years. Stop looking to authority figures for approval, and start trusting your intuition instead. If you've always wanted to explore a certain job path, now is the time to embark on it. Turn a deaf ear to cynics who claim it's too late to pursue your dreams. These people are just scared you will succeed where they have failed. You're more powerful than you realise.

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Educational opportunities abound now. Taking a course or getting an advanced degree could change the entire course of your life. You may be asked to venture into unknown pastures, but it's all part of the fun. Moving to an unfamiliar neighbourhood could be a lot more enjoyable than you imagined. An exciting job could also be in the cards. Look for opportunities related to journalism, art or research. Working for a cultural institution could prove financially and emotionally rewarding.

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Becoming financially independent is a strong possibility for you. Take this opportunity to open your own business or get a job which allows you a private income. Having money of your own will give you a greater voice in a relationship. A supportive teacher or mentor can help you gather the necessary tools to strike out on your own. It's also possible you will find romance with this person. Your hearts and minds operate as one. This is a rare gift indeed.

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Realising a lifelong dream isn't as impossible as you think. In fact, you could be presented with an opportunity to change career paths, start a family, or create something of great beauty. It looks as though you'll have a partner who will help you to reach your goal. Lean on them when you encounter obstacles or become discouraged. Their warmth and generosity will help you overcome any disappointments. A loan, grant, or scholarship helps ease cash concerns.

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You're starting to realise your identity doesn't come solely from your job it also comes from your beliefs, relationships, and passions. If you're not pursuing a career path that is particularly meaningful, don't worry. The right opportunity will come along when you stop focusing on your disappointment and start concentrating on the people and activities that bring you joy. Take your cues from a friend whose positive attitude never fails to astonish you.

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