If someone has been bearing you a grudge, they will find a way to get all their feelings out today. Before reacting when you are provoked, count to ten. Why give others the satisfaction of seeing your true feelings? You may only be laying yourself open to more humiliating experiences. Refuse to allow frustration or regret to grip you. You cannot blame yourself for other people's failings.

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If there are discrepancies in a professional matter you may end the day no further forward than when it began. Your ideas conflict with those around you. An associate is feeling insecure and they will show this by appearing high handed or interfering. One way to reinforce their confidence is by telling them all the things they want to hear, even if this may include a little white lie!

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If you haven't already done so, the time has come to start thinking more carefully about your everyday expenses. You need to take more care over expenditures and the way finances are handled. Spending money in useless ways is not only imprudent but thoughtless. It won't take a lot of effort to get your financial situation back into some sort of order if you start on this now.

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A joint money or legal transaction which has been in the pipeline since the start of the year gets the green light. Even so you don't feel in any way prepared for what might lie ahead. Decisions now being made will have far reaching consequences; don't let sudden doubt hold you back. You have come a long way so far and this is no time to allow anxiety to get the better of you!

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There is a solution if you need to be in two places at once today: accept a little help from a friend. Even if someone puts themselves out to do you a favour, they will be doing this willingly. Perhaps because they owe you or maybe they will want something in return at a later date. No matter, someone wants to help you out and as they will be telling you, isn't that what friends are for!

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You can't believe the laziness of some people at this time. You may have expected to have help getting certain jobs completed only someone has other, more lethargic plans. Because the jobs you are working on aren't meant to be carried out solo, the pace is frustratingly slow. Towards the end of the day you might insist others make a move to assist you.

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The reason some things don't go according to plan is because not everything you're doing is straight forward. You knew it wasn't going to be easy when you accepted a challenge. You aren't going to give up now, are you? Others need to see a display of determination and common sense. You're inclined to think the worst today when you should be looking on the bright side.

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Once you've got over the initial steps of a family project you might want to make it a bit more interesting. A housemate is quite content to leave things as they are. You could take their wishes into account but at the same time find a means to develop schemes already begun in a subtle way. Developments at home could both surprise and delight you and your loved ones today.

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If conversations and debates get complex and you start feeling out of your depth, don't let your uncertainty show. Even if you are called on to give your views, you don't have to say a lot and you will be able to bluff your way through. At all times remember you aren't the only one who feels they're on shaky ground. Refuse to let personal feelings interfere in business.

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If you allow a defeatist attitude to influence you, it's unlikely you will get very far. Whatever you are doing today, if you start badly, things will only get worse. If on the other hand, you begin with a determined approach, not only have you started off on the right foot but you are likely to continue well and finish well too!

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It's difficult to get a decision from others about a major project; you suspect they're being too emotional. Getting people to take an objective view about something they feel strongly about won't be simple. Persevere and you will get their attention. You could find you have a lot of influence on a colleague who always seems so confident and assured. This makes the workplace more interesting.

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Your private thoughts conflict with your more public aspirations. You may for instance be showing a positive face to the world but when in private, you aren't at all convinced you're doing the right thing. If you aren't sure about new methods or systems it might be worth trusting those who've had more practice or experience than you. Be prepared to learn from other people.

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