With Mars entering your house of work and service you must keep energy levels and stamina topped up as responsibilities are about to increase dramatically. Hard work will bring its just rewards and you stand to impress those who matter most to you with your enterprise, drive and initiative.

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Hot Mars arouses romantic stirrings as a someone steps into your life to put your libido into overdrive. Your animal magnetism is hot as desire plays a starring role in your life this Autumn. One word of warning: you will only be inviting trouble into your life if you take careless sexual risks.

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Over the next six weeks there will be plenty of action around the home and family. Step-up efforts to improve your domestic conditions even if a man doesnít give his full support. This will keep you massively occupied as some jobs could turn out to be more strenuous and time-consuming than you expected.

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An unsettled phase begins when you must introduce new daily routines into your life which bring with them the inevitable teething problems. You must keep on the ball as physical work will demand absolute concentration. A good time to learn a subject very quickly and for community involvements.

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With Mars entering your financial house you could spend as quickly as you earn. Between now and November you have the capacity to get-rich-quick but beware of impulsive buys that could waste much of the lovely lolly that lands in your lap. Short bursts of effort produce a bountiful amounts of money

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Mars in your sign from now until early November urges you to put your own wants and desires first and foremost: draw up a wish-list and go for it. Sweep aside those who try to stand in your way and push ahead towards attaining those personal goals that mean much to you. Allow your ego to reign.

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Developments in your private life until November give you a fresh sense of purpose. As well as being difficult and demanding the projects you now begin capture your imagination, inspiring you to try methods and systems you have never worked with before. A man has intense feelings for you.

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Life is getting better and better and goals that were only dreams not so long ago now look like very feasible. Links with groups allied to political or social reform take a positive step as recent campaigns or promotions start to make their mark. Donít get involved with bigots or hypocrites.

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Your ambitions are kept on the boil as Mars hits the top of your chart. Take care not to trample on othersí feelings in your haste to get ahead. A person of wealth or power sets your adrenaline racing but is it them or what they stand for that excites you? Do you care? All you know is they are drop-dead gorgeous.

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Life is full of promise over the next six weeks as Mars tours the area of your horoscope devoted to travel and vision. If spoilt for choice, go for opportunities that give you a chance to embark on new mental or spiritual journeys. International links produce a special brand of appeal.

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New investment schemes look good on paper but think twice before sinking your cash into a chancy venture. Sign on the dotted line only if certain of and happy to take the consequences. Between now and November keep anything of value safe as there could be a thief about - closer than you think.

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You yearn to be loved but have you earned it? A relationship works both ways and you must contribute your fair share to an affair if you are to get what you want. You are far from powerless, so be strong enough to make a marriage or commitment work for you on equal terms, if not, call it a day.

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