Secret motivations may cause you to say some ugly things to somebody who should be your friend. This person may pose a threat to your own success, but be careful. At this stage of the game, you can't afford to make an overt enemy. Besides, the target of your rage may take this contest less seriously than you do. Don't destroy what could be a good relationship just because your ego bristles at a challenge.

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Just because your finances are unstable doesn't mean your social life has to suffer. If someone proposes an expensive outing, bow out gracefully and be truthful about the reason. Chances are, the group will suggest an activity that is within your means. If not, you can always invite people over afterwards for a home-cooked meal or a game of cards. In these frenetic days, domestic pleasures are more precious than gold.

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An upset at work causes you to question whether you're capable of handling your job. It's quite possible you're going through a brief rough patch and things will smooth out in a day or two. If, however, you truly feel as though you're not cut out for this job, look for a position that will allow you to show off your talents. You're too versatile and quick-witted to succeed with drudge work.

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Someone with unconventional views could offend your sensibilities right now. Rather than let your anger build, consider why these beliefs feel so threatening. Is it because your current lifestyle isn't meeting your emotional needs? Do you long to break free of some constrictive arrangement, but feel guilty about doing so? Once you locate the source of your fury, it will be easier to forge a relationship with the person who prompted it.

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Constant disruptions are making it difficult for you to pursue your dreams. Perhaps you need to relocate to a place that affords more tranquillity. Although you enjoy the company of loved ones, it's important to recognise how they can undermine your progress. Even turning off the phone for a few hours a day can afford you the peace and quiet you need. Give yourself the gift of private time every single day.

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It's not fair to expect a partner to hold your hand throughout a public ordeal. If this person has other things to do, accept it gracefully and move on. You need to develop a tough shell if you're going to succeed in your desired industry. Fortunately, you were born with profound inner resources that can help you through difficult times like these. Look within for the strength you need, and take a career risk.

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You could be handed some duties that are entirely outside of your sphere of expertise. At first, you may be insulted, believing you're too important to be bothered with such trivialities. Once you apply yourself to the work at hand, though, you may realise you lack certain talents. You'll only acquire these skills through practice and diligence. Look upon this assignment as a valuable learning opportunity.

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The pursuit of pleasure may not be possible today, which angers you to no end. The fact is, outstanding responsibilities must be fulfilled before you have fun. The less you grumble about your duties, the faster they will be accomplished. While it's true others have an easier load to carry, that won't relieve you of work. This is one of those times when you'll have to make the best of a bad situation.

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Your moods are unpredictable and stormy, which confuses your nearest and dearest. Beware of a tendency to lash out at your loved ones when faced with difficult decisions. By asking for help instead of issuing threats, you'll receive the compassion you need to get through this trying time. You may have to reconcile yourself to the idea of an unwanted move. If that's the case, try to look for the positive aspects of the situation.

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Disruptions in service could render a piece of equipment useless today. Rather than giving in to your frustration, take a more leisurely approach to work. In this electronic age, people expect results overnight. Adjusting oneself to this pace can be exhausting and demoralising. Take this opportunity to recharge your batteries. Nobody can accuse you of being lazy if you don't have the tools to deliver.

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Although you long to lavish a loved one with expensive presents, you may not have the means. Rather than giving in to despair, consider what simple things you have to offer. A child or a lover will cherish your company far more than a costly bauble. Take the day off and propose a fun outing to the park, zoo, or museum. You may encounter a bit of grumbling at first, but joy will ensue.

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Your unpredictable behaviour may be worrying the folks at home. As far as you're concerned, your relatives are trying to cramp your style. Think of things from their perspective, though. How would you like it if you never knew if Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde was going to waltz through the door? Adopt a more serene attitude, at least in the presence of your family. They can't relax until you lay a peaceful foundation.

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