A romantic partner says one thing, and then does another. You can't get a hold on what they really want. It's time to take them to task for their erratic behaviour. You've never been the type to play games. Continuing this awkward dance will cause resentment to set in. Perhaps your amour is afraid your interest will wane as soon as they cease to be a mystery. Do your best to reassure them your affection is deep, pure and abiding.

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Get the terms of a deal put down in writing or confusion will set in as to what your role is. If you're looking for work, avoid going on interviews today. Any offer made will be withdrawn in a few weeks. The whole Universe is caught in confusion. Nothing is what it seems. Under circumstances like this, you're probably best off channelling your energies into a creative project. Don't worry about perfecting your efforts just now; just let your imagination run wild.

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A friend, mentor, or guru could get you swept up in a new movement. Beware of joining any religious, cultural, or educational institutions right now. There may be fraud involved. It's so easy for an enthusiast like you to get swept up in a forward thinking movement. On its surface, this organisation seems marvellously liberating. Upon closer examination you'll see a disturbing trend. The people in charge are far from truthful, possibly because their motives are mercenary.

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A business or romantic partner could be deceiving you about your financial situation. Go over the books with a fine toothed comb. You could discover several disturbing discrepancies. You may decide to keep your money in separate accounts. If there are joint bills that need to be paid, you need to make sure they are being dispatched in a timely fashion. It's also wise to review your credit report. Review it for any charge accounts that were taken out in your name.

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A relationship could be very disillusioning. When you're faced with disappointment, you have a tendency to withdraw. This is only compounding the problem between you. Invite your partner to have a heart to heart talk. Share your hopes, fears, and concerns. Until you lay your cards on the table, the two of you will continue to drift apart. If you are single, it may be because you have unrealistic expectations. Try accepting people for who they are.

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An illness has been difficult to diagnose; it may be wise to go to a holistic medical practitioner. These experts are trained to treat the source of the problem, rather than alleviate the mere symptoms. If you are given medicine, ask for written instructions on how to take it, and follow this advice to the letter or you could actually compound the problem. Take care not to accuse someone of a transgression unless you have absolute proof.

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Your love life seems to be covered in cobwebs. Whether you're single or attached, it feels like ages since you were wined and dined. There is a simple remedy for this. Treat yourself like a precious object. Dress well, fix good meals, and devote your attention to activities you enjoy. When others see you hold yourself in high esteem, they will follow suit. A financial shortfall could force you to adjust your budget. Make a distinction between necessities and luxuries.

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You need to make some difficult decisions about a relative. They may not be able to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, your relative resents your attempts to take over. This is so painful for a sensitive soul like you, but if you don't take charge of the situation, it will only get worse. Do some research into facilities that specialise in treating problems like these. Lean on friends when you feel utterly overwhelmed by the process.

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Normally, you're truthful to a fault but recently you felt compelled to tell a white lie. Now this untruth is coming back to haunt you. Instead of denying your deception, come clean with it. Explain why you felt you had to make things up. Although it will take the victim a long time to forgive you, at least you will have explained your motives. When it comes right down to it, most people would have done the same thing.

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You need to have a realistic attitude about business matters. Although you want to help people in their time of need, you have to make a profit, too. Extending credit to everyone is eating into your bottom line. As much as you hate to do so, you need to start collecting on these accounts. If you're looking for a moneymaking opportunity, it could be elusive. An impressive organisation could offer you a job, only to change their minds later.

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Don't fool yourself into thinking you can handle a huge responsibility all by yourself. Although you've always been remarkably efficient, there's simply too much work to be done by one person. Unfortunately, your boss seems unwilling to hear your complaint. You may want to create a paper trail of all your communications. That way, nobody could accuse you of being lazy when the final results come due. Protect your professional reputation at all costs. Nobody else will do it for you.

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Escaping to a fantasy world won't shield you from trouble. You need to face facts, no matter how unpleasant they are. A lack of education may be holding you back from realising your creative potential. Studying with a professional can fill in the gaps of your knowledge, but the process will take a long time. Try not to get frustrated. The sooner you embark on this journey, the faster you will reach your destination. Don't give up before you even get started!

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