The next two months are ideal for home improvement projects, but don't expect this work to have a calming effect on your family. Arguments with relatives and roommates are bound to erupt during this stressful time. Console yourself with the knowledge the job will result in a much more pleasing living arrangement for all concerned. Getting plenty of aerobic exercise will be a good outlet for stress. You'll especially benefit from playing contact sports.

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Normally, you keep your thoughts to yourself, but that won't be the case between now and early May. In fact, you may find yourself speaking out against an unfair situation. An argument with a neighbour, relative, or colleague may be inevitable. You've been putting up with some pretty outrageous behaviour for the past few weeks. Unless you make your discomfort known, you'll turn your anger inward. Why suffer from headaches and stomach upsets when you can clear the air instead?

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Money will have a tendency to go out as quickly as it comes in over the next eight weeks; prepare accordingly. Guard against impulse purchases, and try saving as much of your cash as you can. If you're bidding for a job, give careful thought to the price you set. Getting this assignment depends on your projected budget. Don't undercut your prices for the sake of taking on a prestigious client. You're better off finding an employer who is willing to pay what you're worth.

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Others may offer plenty of advice in the next two months, but you'll be intent on doing things your own way. Breaking ties with somebody who keeps second guessing your decisions is a distinct possibility. You're tired of being made to feel you don't know the best way of doing things. Beware of being impatient with a child. If their hesitancy angers you, it may be time to explore your feelings. Why are you so intent on rushing your young friend?

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It's best to keep your feelings to yourself from now until early May. You may see many upsetting things during this period, but interfering could prove disastrous. A male friend or relative seems bent on burning their bridges. You need to let this man make his own mistakes and deal with the consequences. If you're planning to make a change, stay quiet until the final arrangements are in place. You don't want to tempt fate at this stage of the game.

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Getting involved with a charitable cause could infuse you with energy. It's refreshing to mix with people who share your concerns. Several men could assume an increasingly important role in your life over the next eight weeks. Look to these people for help with a long term goal. They could go to bat for you with a stubborn official or bureaucratic agency. Normally, you're intent on doing such work yourself. Let this be an exception to your rule.

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You're highly competitive when it comes to a career matter, so if you want an executive position, you'll have to give a show of strength. Don't back down from arguments and be ready to challenge difficult clients. If you're engaged in salary talks, be aggressive about your demands. This will count in your favour. If you need to get yourself into shape in record time, you may take a radical step and undergo a rigorous and demanding physical fitness programme.

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You're eager for new experiences, even if it means putting yourself in the path of danger. Travelling to a turbulent country is a distinct possibility over the next eight weeks. If you're responsible for young people, you need to prepare accordingly. Keep in mind that your decision will have a radical impact on their lives. Practice tolerance when it comes to coping with people from different cultures. You can't expect everyone to embrace your ways. Live and let live.

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Conflict over joint resources could upset your balance between now and early May. You'll have to choose your battles carefully. It's understandable that you don't want to be bullied. Fighting your enemy's every move will only play into their hands. Conserve your energy for the really important battles. It may be necessary to enlist the help of a legal professional. Find someone who is willing to come to an expedient, inexpensive resolution to this problem.

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The desire to pursue a romantic interest could consume you over the next eight weeks. Tread very carefully. Appearing too eager could drive your love interest away. If you are already in a relationship, you need to stay focused on your partner or you could break the bonds of trust between you. Embarking on a meaningless affair isn't worth the heartache that will ultimately ensue. If a business partner is exerting undue pressure on you, it may be time to break off this relationship.

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The next two months are ideal for getting in shape. Aerobic exercise is the best kind for losing weight. Be sure to vary your routine, as you're not the type who can stick to a boring regime. Take extra safety precautions at work, particularly if you're working with heavy machinery. Equipment will have a way of going haywire from now until early May. Take things slow on the road, as well. Road rage could rear its ugly head on your daily commute.

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You're ultra competitive when it comes to love and sports. People are surprised to see this side of you, as you're pretty docile as a general rule. What these onlookers may not realise is how passionate you are about certain subjects. Whether it's winning the heart of your amour or prevailing in a game of Trivial Pursuit, you can be absolutely ruthless. Beware of being overly aggressive in public places. A show of anger could stain your reputation.

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