All eyes will be on you at a celebration. Be sure to wear something that makes you feel sumptuous and sensual. You'll captivate an impressive executive. Be sure to discuss your past accomplishments, as this will open the door to a career opportunity. If you already have a job you enjoy, formulate a strategy to get a raise. Make a list of everything you have contributed to your employer. Your argument will be strengthened with a series of irrefutable facts and figures.

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An educational opportunity fills you with excitement. You'll get a chance to study a subject that has always fascinated you. Art, music, fashion, horticulture, and gourmet cooking are good areas to explore. You love making things beautiful; it's a natural extension of your creative talent. In the past, you felt pressured to focus on practical concerns. Now you're able to satisfy your spiritual urges. Don't be surprised when you start attracting romantic attention once you enrol in something educational. Intellectual stimulation gives you a sexy glow.

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Money from an inheritance, dividend, or refund will finally arrive. Take this opportunity to pay off some hefty bills. Financial independence can be yours, provided you exercise restraint in the near future. Stay away from your favourite stores and websites. The next time you're tempted to shop, pick up a book, paintbrush, or camera. Do something fun that gives you genuine fulfilment. Spending sprees are fun while they last, but they leave you feeling depleted and sad.

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A close partnership gives you the courage to realise a cherished goal. Whether you want a buy a house, develop your creative talent, or start a family, your prospects are good. Just be sure to ask for help when you need it. Your best friend or romantic partner will be happy to hold the fort while you're busy working or studying. It's hard for a nurturer like you to receive tender loving care. The sooner you get into the habit of accepting kindness, the faster you will realise success.

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A wonderful new job is on the horizon. This position will be related to property, banking, or management. Although you might have to start at the bottom, you'll quickly earn series of promotions. Best of all, you'll make lots of friends along the way. Having supporters at every level of the organisation will only enhance your success. You have the rare gift of making people feel talented and valued. As a result, they bend over backwards to accommodate you.

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Launching a creative project will be incredibly rewarding. Now you have a little time off, you'll be able to finish a short story, assemble a collection of photographs, or write a piece of music. Don't be surprised when a seasoned professional expresses admiration for your work. You're a lot more accomplished than you realise. Take this opportunity to showcase your work to people who can truly appreciate it. The compliments will far outweigh the criticisms.

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A business or romantic partner will come into a great deal of money, giving you a share of the spoils. Take this opportunity to put a deposit on a house or buy some beautiful artwork and furniture. You've always had a taste for luxury. Indulge it now, while you have the means. People may disapprove of your extravagance, but they don't know how to enjoy life like you. As far as you're concerned, there's no point in postponing pleasure.

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You'll get a chance to study with an impressive executive. As a general rule, you prefer teaching yourself. This situation will be the exception to the rule. You've always been impressed by people who pursue their dreams. With your instructor's help, you'll be able to realise your own goals. Learning how to invest money, purchase property, and manage large groups of people are all favoured. You crave the challenge of creating an institution of long lasting value.

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When you do what you love, the money will follow. Whether it's walking dogs, exercising horses, working on a cruise ship, or reviewing books, you're sure to make a handsome profit. You're not the type who can thrive with a boring desk job. Friends and family accuse you of being irresponsible, refusing to hold down a serious job. What they don't realise is it doesn't matter what you do for a living, so long as it provides you with happiness and financial security, in that order.

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Take this opportunity to revamp your look. Changing your look, updating your wardrobe, or getting fit will change the way people see you. It will also open some professional doors. Jobs that once eluded you will be as easy to grasp as low hanging fruit. It will also be easy to find romance. Someone who was previously indifferent to your charms won't be able to take their eyes off you. It feels great to finally tap into your considerable personal power.

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Help from a hospital, government agency, or educational institution comes in the nick of time. You're finally able to relax and enjoy the Christmas festivities. A relative will greatly benefit from this assistance. It's a relief to know they will receive good care. A beautiful family heirloom will be presented to you. Put this treasure in a prominent place. You should use and enjoy it as often as possible. There's no sense in saving such a gorgeous possession for special occasions.

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Your social life positively sparkles. You'll get drawn into a fascinating conversation at a party. It's wonderful to meet someone who shares your interests and can recommend all sorts of great movies, music, and books. This discussion will prompt you to launch a blog or make more use of Facebook. There's nothing you love more than promoting your favourite artists. Good news regarding a relative or neighbour is reason to celebrate.

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